A Miracle

August 13, 2009

We have just finished our 18 day Share Him Evangelistic Series!  The sermons, preached by three local Ethiopian young men in the Oromifa language, drew crowds of 175 to 225. The auditorium was full to standing room only most nights. There were many requests for Baptism.  There were many more adults interested in Baptism who wanted to study more and also those who said they were going to start coming to church. The series was also a blessing for local SDA’s who learned more about the Bible and felt revived. Many had never seen some of the pictures well known to Western SDAs depicting Jesus’s Second Coming and others, including beautiful pictures of other parts of the world. In addition, many of the pictures in each power point presentation were relevant to Africans as they were of different people and places in Africa. They enjoyed the lectures on topics such as Bible Prophesy, Creation, The Holy Spirit, Righteousness by Faith, The Sabbath, Health and many others. Some notes said “please continue the lectures forever, we want to learn more” and many were thankful for what they had heard.  One of the biggest miracles during the Evangelistic series is that for 18 nights it did not rain during the 60-90 minute presentations!  As it is one of the rainiest months in Ethiopia, we have rain intermittently every day and night. We were concerned at first, having the series in the auditorium, as it has a high tin roof which echoes very loudly when it rains, especially the torrential rains we have during this time of year. If  it had rained during the presentation, people would not have been able to hear anything but noise. But, praise the Lord!  It never rained once during the lectures! Five times, it began to rain during the singing and welcome, but each time there was an earnest prayer for the rain to stop and before the lecture began, the rain did stop. After 18 nights of this happening we are sure it was nothing short of a miracle. It is encouraging to see tangibly how powerful God is, and that He cares. But also, not only were the people able to hear the presentations, but it never rained immediately after the meeting while people were walking home in the dark. Since it is cold and many locals are not dressed properly for rain and do not have umbrellas or cars this was a blessing for their comfort.


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