Good Impressions

September 15, 2009

Last Friday a distinguished and honorable member of the AHI board arrived from Addis just in time for a bit to eat and vespers. For the sake of anonymity, we’ll call him Dr X. We were about to begin singing hymns when Dr X and two other important gentlemen walked in. After introductions, Jonah hopped up on Dr X’s lap and began his usual get acquainted banter. But soon something went terribly wrong and he began to deviate from the normal small talk. My heart froze as I heard these words come out of his mouth: “How come you have not very much hair up here Dr X?” (pointing to the top of Dr X’s head) “but a lot of hair on your chin?” he continued. Overcoming my initial pallor, and blushing shades of red as I looked around to see several people had noticed Jonah’s comments and were trying to fight back giggles, I tried to coax Jonah off Dr X’s lap. “It’s ok Mom” Jonah said and Dr X kindly said “it’s ok,” too. Dear patient man, likely exhausted from his travels. Jonah continued “I bet you look different than you used to Dr X…. in fact I’ve never seen you like this before” (fact being Jonah had never seen him before). Later after vespers, stories, and a treat of Alban’s lemon sorbet I thought maybe we could escape and put Jonah to bed without further incident, but it was not to be. Jonah was chatting up Dr X again and between giggles (as this time Jonah was being tickled) I heard this: a pause… then Jonah- poke poking Dr X’s belly with his finger “Dr X, I think you ate too much!” Oh dear me, so much for good impressions.


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